Paseo and Beach

Los Boliches boasts a wonderful paseo. You can walk from Carvajal to the Castle at Fuengirola.
Most of the paseo has recently been given a makeover and it's a pleasure to stroll along,
whatever the time of day or night. You will also see joggers using it on a regular basis
.A cycle
path runs along part of it and is used regularly by cyclists and skaters.
The various beaches are Los Boliches, El Castillo, El Egido, Las Gaviotas, Los Olimpos,
San Francisco, Santa Amalia, Torreblanca
If you plan to spend a day on the beach you may wish to hire
a sun lounger and parasol.  This entitles you to use the
services (toilets) of the restaurant that owns that part of the
beach everyday but well worth it for the comfort.

Some beaches have water sport equipment for hire, such
as canoes and pedloes plus there's also banana rides and

Overall the beaches are clean and safe and many Spanish
families venture down at around tea time to spend a couple
of hours having fun.
On the left you can see the
Yaramar Hotel. This is one of the It
is a handy reference point and
landmark with its orange bricks
and blue balconies. Should you
travel up into the mountains to
Mijas and look down onto the
coast you will be able to pick it out
very easily.
It is also one of the pick up points
when you book certain coach trips.

All along the beach you will find
showers and foot showers to wash
away the salt and the sand before
returning to your hotel or

Make sure you have some sort of
footwear as the sand gets very hot.
Although the beach is busy all day, it is
very tranquil in the evenings. When it
gets dark, floodlights shine down on the
In some areas you will see sand models
built by people with great patience and
artistic skills, these range from elaborate
castles to animals, people, reptiles and
much more.

During the day you may be offered a
massage while relaxing in the sun.
These seem to be quite popular.
If you're not the type of person that just wants to spend
all day on the beach try taking leisurely walks along the
paseo. Wherever you're based you can amble along
towards Fuengirola or Carvajal at your own pace.

Along the way you may see the African women who do
hair braiding or the African men selling their bling,
watches and belts. Other items being sold in this way
include linen, kaftans, ornamental animals, DVD's, CD's
and much more. With most of these you are advised to
barter as they usually charge well over the odds.
As well as the paseo having a makeover so have
many of the local main streets.
There has, and still is, underground parking
facilities being installed, which is a great bonus
for the area, being as popular as it is. Although
this has caused some disruption it's all for the
right reasons.
As you can see from the picture on the left, the
paseo looks great, and it is. Of an evening this is
bustling with people going for a stroll before or
after their evening meal, meeting friends,
bumping into friends and family, stopping for a
chat or sitting on a bench just chilling out.
Across the road are the bars and restaurants,
also filled with people enjoying a relaxed way of
life that doesn't exist in the UK.

The Mediterranean sea, blue skies, good weather virtually guaranteed most of the year, what's not to like about about
Los Boliches.